TMHair offers the most innovative hair replacement solutions for men and women who demand only the best. Our non-surgical procedure is a safe and effective way to restore the look, style and feel of the hair you once had. It looks so natural – even you will wonder if it’s real.

What is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Using state of the art technology, our custom, human hair systems allow us to recreate any hair style prior to hair loss or thinning hair. These “hair systems” are nothing like the toupees and wigs of the past – they offer an undetectable second skin; a porous membrane that looks like your real scalp, holds hair like your real scalp and is treated like hair growing from your own scalp. The skin-like base material feels natural to the touch and is virtually invisible to the eye. Our solutions are hand-made and use 100% human hair to match the color, texture and even density of any hair type.



How Does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Work?

This non-surgical procedure starts by meeting with an experienced, trained professional to create your customized order. The hair system is then integrated and blended with your own hair, creating a completely natural look. This process is 100% pain-free and gives you instant coverage.

Once completed, you treat the hair just like you would your natural, growth hair. You can brush and style it any way you’d like, go to the gym and workout, you can even go swimming or get in the ocean. We also have solutions that allow for a gradual, subtle transition; so your hair restoration draws no attention to others.

  • Interest-free monthly payments available.

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