What is the Process of Implementing Laser Therapy?

We utilize a specialized 3-Step Treatment Program that includes scalp stimulation, our Capillus 272 Pro Treatment, and pharmaceutical-quality products to give you the best possible chance to regrow or keep your hair.

Your program will consist of the following components, varying in use depending on your individual needs.


Step ONE

Scalp Stimulation

The first step in our process consists of scalp massage, which relaxes the scalp and allows blood to flow and circulate more effectively. This step lays the groundwork for future treatments, as it makes your scalp a more receptive environment for Laser Therapy and the application of our pharmaceutical-quality products.

Step TWO

Capillus 272 Pro Treatment

The next step utilizes one of the most technologically advanced cold lasers available: the Capillus 272 Pro. The most powerful laser available for cosmetic purposes, the Capillus 272 Pro is medically tested and approved for treating thinning and damaged hair.


Pharmaceutical Quality Products

The final step in our process to stimulate hair growth is the application of pharmaceutical-quality products. These products were formulated to optimize the healing process by delivering the nutrients and vitamins necessary to maintain and optimize the work done by the Capillus 272 Pro.

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