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    Our non-surgical procedure is a safe and effective way to restore the look, style and feel of the hair you once had. It looks so natural – even you will wonder if it’s real.

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Causes and Solutions for Hair Loss

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Client Testimonial

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Solutions

We have perfected the science and art of hair restoration so you never have to worry about your appearance again. The latest technology that we offer can give you the look, comfort and flexibility that even your own hair never could. Whatever the hair loss problem is, we have the solution. The whole universe of style, color, texture and length is now yours. Natural, invisible hair restoration; from thinning hair to pattern baldness, men and women can now get the hair they have always wanted.

Surgical Hair Restoration Solutions

State of the Art Hair Restoration for Men & Women: including ultra-refined hair transplantation, FUE hair transplant techniques & ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy.

Hair Restoration Laser Hair Therapy

If you are in the early stages of genetic hair loss, there are now solutions to prevent the situation from getting any worse, and help stimulate new growth. We offer low-level laser hair restoration treatments in-house as well as different take-home devices that have now been FDA cleared to stimulate new growth. Stop the progression of hair loss and call to set up a consultation today. You can hear about the different options we have and see if you are a candidate for laser therapy with a required, complimentary scalp analysis.



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